How to buy the Best Honyaki Knives for your kitchen.

By | June 3, 2022

How to buy the Best Honyaki Knives for your kitchen.

Honyaki is often the word mentioned in the description of a high-end kitchen knife. You typically found it written somewhere while shopping for your new knife. But ,do you know that this isn’t something just to wow the customers? Honyaki is actually a knife that is exceptionally difficult to forge and does need a high level of skills to make a perfect honyaki knife. This knife has crazy sharp edges, which can only be made by an experienced blacksmith and sharpener. Because of its extreme sharpness, this knife is sold for over $1600.

What Is Honyaki Knife?

One thing  that is closest to the best honyaki knives is the ancient Japanese sword because of the same sharpness. This knife is made from pure steel that is chosen, forged, and beaten by only skilled artists with hands. Best Honyaki knives often have unrivaled hardness through the edges. Customers are even ready to pay higher costs for the time, skills, and expertise required to make the best Honyaki knives.

Do you know that the best honyaki knives are the most expensive of all available in the market? Yes, it is true! Furthermore, honyaki knives carry different marking that makes these knives stand out. Still, the rarity and maintenance, and extreme craftsmanship required by honyaki knives make it extremely difficult for the general public to identify the good quality honyaki knives. Only experts with high-level of cooking skills can use the best honyaki knives without chopping off their fingers. These knives need a high level of maintenance and care to let them hold the perfect retention, the same as that of Japanese knives. Here, we have collected the traits to look for the best honyaki knives to let you identify the true honyaki:

High carbon Steel 

The number one aspect you should consider before buying the best honyaki knives is that it is made from high-carbon steel. The best handmade honyaki knives are forged using the traditional methods in traditional Japanese folklore to make swords. To make one of the best honyaki knives, the white steel with a hardness of 66 on a scale is heated and quenched in cool water.

The elegance of its exquisite  thin blade lies in its capacity to slice through an ingredient in lengthy, unbroken strokes while maintaining its integrity and freshness. Even some of the most mundane tasks are made easier by a handcrafted knife that is made with hard steel.

Skilled Craftsmanship

While looking for the best honyaki knives, you should not miss out that this knife needs skilled craftsmanship. These knives are always made by a blacksmith master that has vast experience in making the best honyaki knives. In making these knives, the wajima method is utilize method is utilized to add strength to the white steel Shirogami #1 to make a sharp cutting blade with a Corian handle.

Time-consuming process

Admired for their perfect sharp-cutting edges, these best honyaki knives are made to reach the same functionality as those of the legendary Katana sword. These knives are made with excellent sword-making techniques that need time to offer the customers the best performance. The steel is beaten by a skilled craftsman to gain razor-sharp edges of the knife. After which, water is used to harden the steel which needs tons of time.


Particularly high carbon steel is used to make this knife which is usually more expensive than that low carbon steel. Because the blade is manufactured using the Honyaki technique,the edge becomes extremely hard,making it pricier than any other Japanese knife. In comparison to other types of knives,hoyaki knives cannot be mass-produced due to the skilled craftsmanship and time required to make the best hoyaki knives.These are traditional japense knives of greatest quality,design particularly for experienced cooks. These best honyaki knives come with a beautiful hand-painted sheath that was made utilizing the traditional wajima lacquer technique. The knife’s cover is embellished with cherry blossom designs to give you brilliant aesthetics.

Comfortable Handle

The better wave pattern of the best honyaki knives is famous because it gives a comfortable grip to the user. It has a mirror finished with a sharpness that can only be attained by a capable craftsman.

Water quenching techniques used in making these best honyaki knives help to retain their sharpness for a long time. Furthermore, the blade of the best honyaki knives has a unique WAVE design that is valuable since it is handcrafted using the Water Quenching Honyaki method.It is noteworthy that the WAVE design  is never  etched or marked!The handled’s octagonal shapes is more comfortable in your hand . That is why the best honyaki knives  always have an octagonal  shape with a wave pattern for a more comfortable grip.

Fine Chopping

Forged at low temperature, the best honyaki knives are made from the secret materials chosen carefully from the Masago iron sand. The extreme sharpness and durability of this product help to finely chop off things easily.Only expert chefs use the best honyaki knives because of their ultimate level of sharpness.


The Mirror Finished enhances the knife’s attractiveness while also making it less susceptible to corroding. However,because it is thinner and more fragile than standard knives,performing the same activities without destroying the blade requires great experience. The best honyaki knives are  shorter ,broader,and thicker,making them suitable for neatly slicing fish. Due to their corrosion resistant properties, the best honyaki knives are the top choice among experienced Japanese cooks.

Difference Between Honyaki and kasumi

You have often seen both words being used in the description of japanese knives.Most of the time you get  confused and think they are both interrelated . However, these two japanese knives have different connotations.  The most important difference starts with the trick used in making these knives. Both these knives are made of stainless steel with high-end carbon. The difference is found in the comparison of the  steel that sets both knives apart. Both honyaki knives are made of high-end steel by forging at low temperatures. On the other hand. Kasumi is made of both soft and hard stainless steel. On the edges. hard steel is used, whereas another part of the blade is made of soft steel, which makes it less expensive than that of the honyaki.

Best honyaki knives are the more expensive because of their unmatched hardness. When you find any honyaki knife at a low price, you should know that they are not the true honyaki. Most manufacturers use this title to break into the market to get their target audience. But they don’t provide the actual honyanki, instead, they use this trick to gain more customers.

Which Knife Should You Choose for your kitchen?

Japanese patterned knives have maintained a high level of performance in homes and kitchens across the world. These knives are simpler to keep, maintain, buy, and enjoy. The best Honyaki knives, on the other hand, are beckoning you with their historic artistry, scarcity, and ultra-exclusive price tag.

Remember that these days, anyone can stick the name honyaki on a blade. Even the most anxious company would not leave with their honyaki knives at a low price unless the most authentic knife makers can carefully explain what their best artisans have put into these blades.

Considering what you’ve read today about the respect and care these knives require from their owners, it’s critical to consider your options carefully before choosing the best honyaki knives.



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