Super Affiliate System Review

By | August 23, 2021

Do you want to earn big numbers while working from home? Affiliate marketing is one of the trendiest businesses in today’s time. All you have to do is, promote different products of a company through content created by freelancing professionals and earn commissions. 

Marketing has diverse sections but among them, affiliate marketing is crunching big numbers in recent years. Statistics show that due to the drastic shift where businesses are moving online, affiliate marketing would be in favor for a very long time. The catch is to be a fantastic analyst because not everyone can be a good marketer.

In this article, we are going to look deeper into super affiliate system review and see whether this course can finally get you out of race.

What is Super Affiliate System?

As marketing is adding new dimensions and they are expanding each day, the concept of affiliate marketing is vague to people. At the same time, having such a great opportunity in earning a great amount of money makes people want to pursue a career here. For that reason, experts are teaching people to become proficient in affiliate marketing.

Likewise, John Crestani, a marketing expert has who has an excellent understanding of affiliate marketing has opened doors to train people more about affiliate marketing. He has become one of the maestros of affiliate marketing of our time. He created the Super Affiliate System program where people can learn all the nitty-gritty of affiliate marketing.

Aspiring marketers are following in his footsteps in order to do wonders and earn a fortune through affiliation marketing. Not everyone made it to the next level,

but some people actually are doing great in this business. 

What’s in The Super Affiliate System?

John Crestani has designed this module to train the new and rising marketers more about what’s new in affiliation marketing and how to create contents that will generate more sales and hence drive to acquire greater commissions. 

In this program, John trains these marketers or his students and at the same time provides them with all the necessary told they will require in the long run. All the students will have access to these materials and resources for a lifetime.

Is the Price Reasonable?

When it comes to online courses or online learning, price always matters. If you want to get expertise in a certain area, you can find tons of options to pick from. These options usually give you the authority and freedom to land the best price with great deals. 

When it comes to the super affiliation system by John Crestani, we believe the price is a bit too high if you look into the resources they are offering. No doubt that some of the materials are great but at the same time so are the resources from other courses too. 

In addition to that, there is no guarantee that you will instantly become one of the greatest affiliate marketers after enrolling in this course. We are not trying to discourage you in any way. Rather, we are suggesting to keep an open eye while spending a big amount on something like this whereas there are tons of other options out there.

Our verdict about the price of this program would be-it’s not reasonable. 

Is It a Scam?

Seeing the vast popularity of Super Affiliate System (SAS) you may wonder that it could be a pyramid scheme or if there are chances of SAS being a scam. Let us reassure you, it is none. To give you a clearer idea about a pyramid scheme here’s what you should know-

A pyramid scam is where you have to bring new people into a program and this will get your commissions. Although in SAS John starts the program by making his students promote this program on Facebook but that has nothing to do with

being a pyramid scheme. At the same time, SAS lets you work on the products you love and want to work on. So, there is no way this will redirect to a pyramid scheme.

As the money is great in this business and due to lack of proper understanding of affiliate marketing you might have had doubts of being it a scam. Now that you know more about it and the program, even you can tell that it’s not a scam in any way. Although the outcome of learning this course may vary from one person to another. That solely depends on your credibility of being a strategical marketer. 

Promo Materials 

In SAS you will get a hold of many promo materials and access them throughout your entire lifetime. These promo materials will come in handy during the completion of the program and at the same time when you will start affiliate marketing yourself. So, without further ado, let’s have a look at some of the promo materials you will get from this course!

Facebook Video Ads

YouTube Video Ads

Facebook Ad Swipes

Google Ad Swipes

Email Swipes

These promo materials simultaneously promote the SAS itself. If you get a hold of these resources you can do great in affiliate marketing to generate great sales as these resources are the best ways to reach people from the internet traffic.

In this program, you will learn each week how to work with these promo materials and other resources. John starts from scratch so, you would still ace SAS if you don’t have prior knowledge about these materials.

Our verdict in terms of the promo materials would be- these are extremely helpful for any rising marketer like you hence, the materials are great for beginners.

Good Sides Vs Bad Sides: Final Review

Now that we have discussed the entire course, let’s reach a conclusion so that you can make your decision wisely.


● This course teaches you from scratch.

● You can use the skills learned from this course in the coming days.

● The free resources would help you in making more sales.

● The payment plan is feasible.

● You can be a part of a relevant and helpful community.


● The price is a bit too high.

● No guarantee of your success.

● Some modules have missing information.

Final thoughts

To wrap things up, at the end of the day it is your job to make the final call. If you are really planning on starting a career in affiliate marketing then this course can actually help you out. 

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